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Thanks to all of you for your wonderful feed back about my blog. After much deliberation I have decided to create one with more focus on my passion – Filmmaking.

I have created a site called The Film Font and have published my first blog which is about the evolution of film. If you would like to see it you can find it here. I would be very interested in your feedback and will review yours sites if you would leave your address.

Very best wishes, Kimbo

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Blogging 101 – Who Am I? Why Am I Here?

Hi, I am Kimbo. I believe in seeing the humour and awe in life.

I love the internet. The information available is enormous and enlightening. I believe that education frees you and it is important to stay informed.

I have been forwarding interesting links to friends and work associates who always respond with thanks and requests for more. It began to take up a lot of time so I began to Tweet the links.

My blog is going to be a small extension of the Twitter Feed plus may include a little editorial.

I love to write. It has always been my passion. I will put up some short stories and poems I have written.

I love to collect antiques and interesting items so I will also include things I think are noteworthy.

This all seems eclectic however these are my loves and they all live happily within me so why not make them more public?

I hope that we can teach each other things that will make our lives better.

Best wishes,


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Welcome to my Blog. My name is Kimbo and I love to write about interesting ideas, topics and thoughts.

It’s good to have you here!

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